Organic extra virgin olive oil

A mild fruity olive oil that has been awarded several awards

BIOL 2016,  BIOL 2015,  BIOL 2014 

Olvia is fine quality oil, from Lesvos in Greece. With a long tradition here, an olive oil is produced in harmony with nature.

Its well-balanced taste, wonderful golden color and aromatic character make Olvia a very good olive oil suitable for both cooking & as a flavoring

Olive variety: Adramitini & Kolovi

Origin Greece Lesvos

available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1liter and 5liter


Green is a high quality organic olive oil from Lesvos in Greece, which has been awarded the Biol 2015 award, BIOL 2012
Green is the olive oil harvested the very first days of the season
Full of flavor and character, this is an olive oil for seasoning.
Wonderfully good to serve with bread.

Available in limited edition

Olive variety:   Adramitini and Kolovi

Origin:  Greece, Lesbos

Glass bottle: 250ml / 12pcs


Eleon extra virgin oil is a genuine product from Lesbos, and has everything a good olive oil should have. Full of flavor and a lovely scent of grass gives a complete taste experience, lovely peppery aftertaste

Great for any cooking, salad or a piece of bread

Olive variety: Adramitini & Kolovi

Origin Greece Lesvos

available in 250ml / 24pcs 500ml / 12pcs 1lit / 10pcs and 5lit / 4pcs